(Correction) Lunie Newsletter - Staking Communities and On-Chain Governance

We've helped bootstrap several staking communities, here's what we learned

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to send out a quick correction to the previous email we sent out. We had incorrectly listed “Luna” among the networks we have integrated when in reality it is the Terra Protocol and LUNA is the staking token of that network. Sorry for the confusion, thanks for subscribing and have a great weekend!



Bootstrapping A Staking Community

We wanted to share a bit of advice with proof of stake networks that are about to launch their mainnets. Specifically, how do you bootstrap a community before, during and after launch? We’ve worked with networks such as Cosmos, Terra, e-Money and have more upcoming. Read-on by clicking below.

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Cosmos Hub Proposal #25 Up For Voting

This week an important proposal went into the voting phase which would (if passed) bring CosmWasm onto the Cosmos Hub. Be sure to vote as soon as possible if you are already holding and staking ATOM as the voting period will only be two weeks long.

To read more about how Cosmos Hub governance works, read our in-depth guide on our Help Center.

High Level Summary:

  • Validator-reviewed smart contract capability for the Cosmos Hub.

  • Governance control over complete lifecycle of smart contracts on the Hub, including upgrades and freezing.

  • Working example of staking derivatives, deployed to a testnet

Click Here To Vote On Proposal 25

What Network Integration Will Be Next?

We have more integrations coming at you very soon, so please keep your eyes peeled for more announcements. However, if you have a favourite network that you would love Lunie to support, please let us know by replying to this email or sending our integration form along to your favourite projects.

We are only building what the people want to use!

Lunie Integration Intake Form

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