Lunie Network News Digest - updates on Cosmos, e-Money and Terra

Drop in for some updates on networks that Lunie supports

This week we want to bring you some news about the networks that Lunie supports to give users an opportunity to learn a bit more about networks they might not be staking on or participating on yet.

Cosmos Game of Zones Opening Ceremonies

We are so excited to see the latest adversarial testnet on the Cosmos network launch in preparation for the IBC(Inter Blockchain Communication protocol) today! You can watch live here to learn more about how you can participate and follow along.

Cosmos IBC Game of Zones

e-Money Issues First eEUR, eCHF, eSEK, eNOK and eDKK Tokens

The e-Money team has issued the very first currency backed tokens on their network this week, giving stakers of NGM their first opportunity to earn rewards in these denominations. View the block explorer of the first issuance here:

e-Money Issues Currency Backed Tokens

Terra’s Nick Platias Joins Virtual Panel On Building in High Turbulence

There has been no shortage of high quality virtual talks and panels being given throughout the era of social distancing. This week we watch Nick Platias participate on a panel with other blockchain builders and thought leaders on how they are pushing through tough economic times towards a better and more decentralized future.

Watch The Crowdcast Here

What Network Integration Will Be Next?

We have more integrations coming at you very soon, so please keep your eyes peeled for more announcements. However, if you have a favourite network that you would love Lunie to support, please let us know by replying to this email or sending our integration form along to your favourite projects.

We are only building what the people want to use!

Lunie Integration Intake Form

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