Lunie's Latest Integration -The Terra Protocol

Another exciting integration with a fast-growing blockchain business - Terra

We are thrilled to be announcing another exciting blockchain integration, this time with the Terra protocol! Read our blog post here:

With Lunie, LUNA token holders will be able to:

  • View their balance of LUNA staked, available for use and rewards to be claimed.

  • View specific denominations of the stablecoins in their available and claim-able balances.

  • Re-stake LUNA rewards.

  • Stake with Lunie web via the browser extension, Ledger Nano, and mobile (iOS, Android).

  • Browse validators, their rewards rate and voting power.

  • Deposit, vote on, and submit governance proposals.

  • View account history including sending and receiving transactions, un-staking and more.

About Terra

Terra has been building widely used payment apps throughout Asia with existing partnerships with financial institutions already in place.

The Terra protocol staking token (LUNA) gives token holders the ability to earn staking rewards in denominations of several globally recognized fiat-pegged stablecoins including KRT, UST, MNT and SDT. Each are pegged to the KRW, USD, MNT and IMF’s SDR respectively.

You can navigate directly to the Terra protocol section on Lunie here:

What Network Integration Will Be Next?

We have more integrations coming at you very soon, so please keep your eyes peeled for more announcements. However, if you have a favourite network that you would love Lunie to support, please let us know! We are only building what the people want to use!

Have some $LUNA, ready to stake and have questions? Hit us up: