Try Lunie With Kusama In Explore-Mode

Did you know you can use Lunie to explore any Kusama address without needing private keys?

Did you know that you can use Lunie with your Kusama address without even needing to create an account or restore your seed phrase? Lunie offers explore-mode for any user who wants to explore the full range of Lunie functionality from a read-only mode. If you have not had a chance to use Lunie with your Kusama account, take us for a spin using just your address and see what we have to offer!

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Lunie Network Updates


On-chain governance proposal #27 is now live for voting on the topic of the Stargate Upgrade.


The first on-chain governance vote on the denomination of Polkadot’s DOT token is set to go live after testing the waters of sentiment on Polkadot’s “wild cousin” Kusama.


Anchor, a savings protocol on the Terra blockchain that offers a principal-protected savings product with instant withdrawals and a stable interest rate was announced in early July.


e-Money releases an explainer video embedded on their website explaining the long-term vision of the protocol and well as the prospective applications in business for their asset-backed stable-coins.


Kava has repeatedly reached its asset limits on collateralized debt positions within their DeFi platform illustrating what seems to be increasing demand for the stablecoins offered by their system.

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What Network Integration Will Be Next?

We have more integrations coming at you very soon, so please keep your eyes peeled for more announcements. However, if you have a favourite network that you would love Lunie to support, please let us know by replying to this email or sending our integration form along to your favourite projects.

We are only building what the people want to use!

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